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Free Beach Club
Free Beach Club
Free Beach Club

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Together safely


  • The number of Guests will be reduced in order to maintain social distancing in line with the current safety regulations for COVID-19. The use of face masks is not obligatory in the outdoor spaces, on the beach and in the pool where it is possible to maintain an interpersonal distance of 1 metre;

  • The common areas will be sanitised in accordance with the Covid-19 regulations and fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers;

  • All staff have received proper training on the rules to be followed for their own health and safety and that of the Guests; the body temperature of all our staff will be measured on a daily basis and they will be provided with all the material necessary to perform their tasks safely;

  • As we have new arrivals every day and as we have reduced the number of Guests, there will be no risk of gatherings upon arrival and departure but we have still decided to carry out the CHECK IN and CHECK OUT procedures in 2 separate areas; the body temperature of all Guests will be measured on arrival; we will provide each family with a courtesy KIT containing three face masks per person (from the age of 4 upwards), and one hand sanitiser dispenser per room. For further requirements these can be purchased at the mini market at the resort;

  • ROOMS: will be sanitised in accordance with the current regulations and for daily cleaning, products containing the active ingredients indicated by the Italian health authorities will be used; each Guest room will be provided with a dispenser of hand sanitiser gel;

  • MEALS: for Guests in the "superior" rooms, meals will be served in the Moby Dick restaurant; for guests of the "oleandri" rooms, meals will be served in the Centrale restaurant and on the patio outside the "ALLE PALME" pizzeria/grill, which will be temporarily closed. Each family will have a restaurant table assigned to them for the entire length of their stay, suitable distanced in line with the Covid-19 safety regulations. All meals, including breakfast, will be served at your table.

    Full board starts with dinner and ends with lunch; if you would like to start with lunch and end with dinner you must send your request for this at the time of booking and you will receive confirmation three days prior to arrival. If this creates any overlaps with other Guests who are departing, in order not to create any gatherings a second shift for lunch will be organised specially for arriving guests. Coffee is included free of charge and served at the table. The Government provisions currently impose the wearing of face masks when moving around inside the restaurant.

  • NURSERY: in line with the current regulations, parents may not prepare meals for their children themselves; to provide an alternative option, the nursery will be inserted in an area inside the Centrale restaurant where a member of staff will be placed in charge of preparing meals and providing all the services needed, according to a set schedule.

  • BAR: to avoid gatherings, drinks will also be served at the table; the coffee tables in the common area will be kept a suitable distance and a sign will be used to indicate whether the table is free to use, in other words if it has been sanitised after the previous use.

  • CLUB CARD: we re-confirm that payment of the club card must be made on-site upon arrival, as it includes the beach service, animation and the use of sports equipment.

  • BEACH SERVICE: for Guests in the "superior" rooms, beach service is confirmed for the 1st and 2nd row; for Guests of the ”oleandri” rooms beach service is provided for the 3rd row onwards. Beach umbrellas will be kept at a distance in line with the regulations. At check-in, you will be assigned one beach umbrella and two sunbeds per room and you will keep these for the entire length of your stay. As it is obligatory to use the beach towels we provide free of charge upon arrival, against a security deposit, we will also add the option of a free towel change. The beach towels will be brought to your room upon arrival and sanitised in line with the current regulations.
    POOL: the sunbeds will be kept at a distance in line with the current regulations; accesses to the area will be checked to avoid gatherings (with pool access for a limited time). The sunbeds will be sanitised after every use and a special sign will indicate that they have been sanitised and are ready for use.

  • GROUP SPORTS ACTIVITIES: for adults, daytime sports activities that do not create gatherings are reconfirmed, providing the required distances are maintained, such as step, aerobics, yoga, zumba and other free-body workouts; canoes may be used free of charge (1/2 hour per person depending on availability). The tennis courts may be used free of charge by reservation. At the current moment, five-a-side football, beach volley and all team sports that make social distancing impossible are prohibited.

  • MINI CLUB E TEEN CLUB: we reconfirm the opening times of the mini club: from 09:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Our staff will organise games, fun and recreational activities in line with the current regulations. With regard to the MINI CLUB, at check-in you will receive an information sheet regarding the weekly programme of organised activities together with a membership form to be compiled if you decide to use the service.

  • AMPHITHEATRE: every evening a show will be organised inside the amphitheatre, where we will place special signs to maintain the social distancing required by the current regulations.

  • LIVE MUSIC: in line with the current regulations, evenings with live music will be organised in a dedicated area.

  • SPA: we reconfirm all the services listed on our website, with the exclusion of the Turkish baths and the sauna, which are prohibited at present.

  • MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: we reconfirm and will provide the same basic service as prescribed by the Covid-19 regulations: the doctor's surgery (is open to guests (for a fee) during certain hours of the day and a doctor can be contacted 24hours a day through the Reception (doctor resident at the resort). At the Reception, you may request medicines and other products for sale at the chemist's to be delivered to your room.

    Any suspected cases of Covid-19 will be handled in line with the current regulations; in addition, to assure the person affected is isolated and to provide assistance, we have left a few rooms free in a dedicated area.


The above indications contained in the technical specifications are subject to variations in the event of subsequent changes made by the government or by the authorities in charge of the guidelines.